Tuisbly, South Africa

Izette spotted this one on the way to Dullstroom and knew that we had to come back to catch it. Although it is only a railway marker it is still a wonderful example of south Africa. For those that ate language, more specifically Afrikaans challenged. Tuisbly means to stay at home. This makes we wonder if the person that named this train marked wanted to be home, or wanted to make it their home…

One thought on “Tuisbly, South Africa

  1. Hi Izette,

    I am the co-owner of the farm at the Tuisbly railway siding. How nice to come across your photo. I have often wondered myself how the place got its name. I am of Dutch origin so fully understand Afrikaans but don’t dare to write without making spelling mistakes. The previous owner used to call the farm by the way “Klappertand”. The farm is on that spot exactly 2000m above see level so it gets pretty cold in winter. Being a mining engineer we are currently based in Finnish Lapland where “cold” takes on a different meaning though (-40c….). Gegroet, Bouke van ‘t Riet

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